Meeting of Codification Software Users

31. 05. 2013

Delegation of the Directorate of Standardization, Codification and Metrology attended a conference dedicated Codification Software BULCOD, organized by the Ministry of Defence of Republic of Bulgaria, 28 - 30th May in Sofia. The meeting was attended by representatives of Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, and by representatives of the Sofia Company Tehnologica which produced softer. The Republic of Bulgaria is the owner of national codification software BULCOD and in accordance with Bilateral Agreements Software was ceded and used by five countries. Through this type of conference users shared experiences, not only about using of software, but also about the organization and the processes related for information flows.
In 2011 Bulgarian Ministry of Defence donated to The Ministry of Defence of Serbia BULCOD software, and up to now, software has been used by Republic of Serbia for obtain the status Tier 2 in NATO Codification Committee AC/135. Testing of National Codification Bureau of Serbia is completed successfully by NATO Support Agency NSPA because of software.
The participants agreed that software BULCOD should be used in the future and members should actively participate in development of software because of common benefit. Proposal was annual meetings under authority of NATO Codification Committee AC/135. One of the conclusions was that report of this session should be presented at the annual meeting in Copenhagen, like example of application of the principles of Smart Defence.

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