Republic of Serbia started codification activities in 2010, when it was admitted as a sponsored non-NATO country (Tier-1) in the Codification Committee AC/135. Directorate of Standardization, Codification and Metrology, Department of Defence Technology, Sector for Material Resources is responsible for the codification of material items and cooperates with the organizational units of the Ministry of Defense and The Army of Serbia and with Serbian defense industry. Decentralized codification system was applied, which includes a central authority - the National codification bureau of Serbia and codifiers in Central Army Depot and in Military Technical Institute.

Up to now all information and communication requirements (NMCRL, NABS and NMBS) were put into operation, 100 items of arms and military equipment were codified, basic bilateral agreements about codification were signed which created conditions for application for testing Serbian NCB to obtain the status of Tier- 2 - full capacity for work of codification.

According to the decision of the technical and tactical authority only perspective items of arms and military equipment will be codified, and the items produced by domestic producers which have been required for defense purposes since 01. January 2012. will be codified too.

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