What is a Tier 2 status?

Tier 2 country codifies its own items for all users (NATO and non-NATO countries), in additional Tier 2 nations will have the following benefits:
- Becoming a full member of the NCS community.
- Two way data exchange with NATO and sponsored nations.
- Participation in meetings of AC/135's Panel A on technical Codification matters.


Which items should be codified by Republic of Serbia?

Arms and military equipment and items which are used by Serbian Army.


What technical documentation should be delivered by supplier in accordance with the codification clause which is a part of the procurement contract?

- Drawings
- Specifications
- Other documents containing identification data.


What is the timeframe for codification?

Тerms for codification:
- Routine codification (60 days)
- Accelerated codification (30 days)
- Emergency codification (7 days)


What are (ACodP-2) and (ACodP-3)?

This publication contains the single uniform classification system (ACodP-2) and the uniform Approved Item Names (ACodP-3) assigned to materiel within the NATO Codification System.


Where could be found NCAGE and NSN requests?

NCAGE and NSN requests could be found on web site pages NCAGE and NSN.


How to contact Nacional codification bureau of Serbia?

Contact information on web site page CONTACT.

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