Nomenclature system is applied for movable and immovable items by the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army. System has been applied during the last forty years as a unique and complex item identification system.

Because of real needs, during 2010, within Directorate of Standardization, codification and metrology Group for codification was formed and codification roadmap of certification of NATO Codification System was made. Following activities were realized:

2010 - Sponsorship Agreement (Tier 1) between NATO Group of National Directors for Codification AC/135 and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia.
2011 - Codification software BULCOD was installed.
2011 - Connection to the NATO Automated Business System NABS.
2011 - Implementation of exchange codification data via NMBS.
2012 - Application for Tier 2.
2013 - Testing of NCB Serbia for obtain Tier 2 status.

Implementation of NATO codification system in Ministry of Defence and Serbian Army

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