Benefits of codification

NATO Codification System (NCS) provides accurate information about the identity of an item and provides operational and economic benefits which are reflected in the following:

  • Data availability of military items and resources that provides easier access to information about supply and storage.
  • Reducing of costs, reducing of inventories, reducing of record keeping, reducing of staff, reducing the diversity of supply.
  • Efficient coordination in procurement, better determination of requirements and economical budgeting of supply.
  • Using of a common language of supply which is understandable to all participants in all logistics operations.
  • Improvement of interoperability between countries.
  • Descriptions of codified items with features provide precision searching and choosing components or equipment in the development of item.
  • Easier Military Material Standardization work because of precise description including layout, dimensions, materials, surface treatment and others.
  • Promotion of domestic defense industry around the world through the implementation of their own products in NMCRL which provides information about codified items.
  • Database which includes details of manufacturer, supplier and any other relevant information. This makes it easy to retrieve the data when required.
  • Better tracking of vendors.


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